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Getting Online is not enough.

Businesses need guidance and efficient methods to reach their full potential.

I cover anything related to –

Investing Advice


  • Creating a business
  • Monetization Techniques
  • Marketing methodologies

Career coaching 

  • Job hunting assistance
  • Portfolio Review
  • Resume Review
  • Linkedin Review
  • Cover letter
  • Interview Prep

Digital & Social Media

  • Launching a new social media channel or podcast
  • Audience growth and engagement (YouTube)
  • Developing your video content strategy
  • YouTube Analytics training and channel review/audit
  • Streamlining production workflow for content creation

Who is this for?

  • Content Creators
  • College Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Job seekers

Quickly & easily publish your first website or blog in a matter of minutes. Start today with a full guide on how to start a blog or your first website. I have first hand experience in monetizing a blog in 6 months from 0 to 10k a month.

Guide to affiliate marketing step by step

Step by step guide on how you can get started in 2020 with affiliate marketing.

Learn how to start a blog Here

Find out everything there is know about starting a blog and how to monetize it from day one. Its a step by step guide from the first letter to the first commission or ad revenue.

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Grow Your Business

  • Learn 10 ways to grow your business
  • Resources that i personally recommend for any business

No high-tech skill? No problem. 

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Up to date guidance

First hand knowledge of the market.

First Hand knowledge

I built up my businesses from 0 to a revenue of over 10 per month within 6 months just using the resources provided and a few tips and tricks i have learnt along the way.

I can help you

I can help you with advice or anything business related just contact me here or book me for a 1-1 consultancy.

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Fantastic professionals and have learnt so much from his 1 to 1 session. I would highly recommend don’t miss out. He was friendly and understanding of my situation and we thought up a plan together, which was fantastic! Because of that i am earning 5 times more than before.

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