Lead Page Review 2020 (updated)

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Ⅰ: What is Leadpages?

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Leadpages is a suite of apparatuses that encourages business development by helping your organization catch more leads and convert those leads into paying clients. They’re for the most part known for their presentation page manufacturer and profoundly compelling (yet marginally irritating) pop-ups.

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Since you’ve likely known about how the web functions, I won’t sit around idly clarifying why you need greeting pages.

You should simply realize that Leadpages’ Leadpage Editor is a straightforward, simplified instrument that lets you make successful greeting pages that convert with no structure or improvement experience.

I found Leadpages when I was as yet a computerized advertising beginner. All I needed to do was pick a layout and alter a couple of subtleties—that was it. They wrapped up

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Goodness, that sounds extraordinary! Leadpages must be the best presentation page apparatus out there, isn’t that so?

Indeed, yes. Sort of. As I would like to think, it is, however it probably won’t be for everybody. There are a ton of point of arrival developers out there, and some are not exactly Leadpages.

You should comprehend what the instrument is prepared to do first.

ⅱ: Features

Leadpages cases to be the #1 point of arrival device out there, and truly, they’re most likely right. It’s hard not to be intrigued with the highlights.

They’ve by one way or another figured out how to make this one of the most remarkable business development apparatuses available and still not overcomplicate to where you need a Ph.D. just to get the thing live. In case you’re hoping to make high-changing over presentation pages with email-catch pop-ups, pick in structures, and other cool highlights, you’ll have a great deal of enjoyment with Leadpages.

Here are a couple of my preferred highlights:

2.1: Leadpages Templates

Leadpages layouts are hands-down the best in the business. They have 150+ layouts separated by reason and industry.

What’s more, to the extent I’ve seen, almost every one of them are versatile responsive so they’ll render well on any gadget.

Need a lead catch layout or a greeting page for an exceptional giveaway? You got it.

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 4.13.45 PM

It is safe to say that you are a startup or tech firm that needs a greeting page for a free guide or item valuing page?

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 4.20.18 PM

The work has just been accomplished for you. Simply click, alter your subtleties, and you’re essentially set.

Possibly I’m only nostalgic about how supportive Leadpages’ layouts were to me, yet I love the amazing way simple it is to make an expert greeting page in fundamentally every industry for any reason in minutes.

Cautioning: Leadpages’ layouts ARE NOT PERFECT

Leadpages’ layouts come in two structures: Standard and Drag-n-Drop. The standard formats have not many customization choices (assuming any).

I’ll dive into more detail further down in the upsides and downsides area, however there are a couple of things you need to know. The formats are an incredible element for organizations, however there are a few defects that you have to think about.

2.2: Pop-Ups (Leadboxes) – Grab a visitor’s attention at just the right time

You’ve in all probability experienced a Leadpages spring up (Leadbox). They’re pervasive.

Leadboxes are fresh, proficient looking pop-ups that assist you with catching more leads at the perfect time.

Leadpages lets you make a high-changing over Leadbox surprisingly fast and accompanies programmed settings to spring up at the stature of your guest’s advantage.

Truth is stranger than fiction, when the guest is occupied with your greeting page, you can persuasively attack their vision with an offer they can’t won’t.

You can set your spring up to show up:

At the point when a client clicks a catch or connection

On a clock

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You can even interface your email specialist co-op so new supporters naturally go to your favored email list.

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Pro Tip: Enable Leadbox Tracking

Ace Tip: Enable Leadbox Tracking

Leadbox is an exceptionally successful element that lets you track each guest’s cooperation with your spring up. You can follow to what extent guests keep the spring up open and whether it achieves its objective of getting a sign-up or click.

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2.3: Alert Bars – Increase conversions by making the most of screen real estate

You know those little bars at the highest point of your screen that offer a free item or alarm you to a deal/giveaway?

Those irritating easily overlooked details are ready bars, and Leadpages scores a 9 out of 10 in that office. I really had no clue these were even a thing when I originally found Leadpages, however they helped no doubt.

Hello, screen land is more significant than a Manhattan penthouse, so whenever you can make additional utilization out of what you have, it’s a success. Leadpages lets you make non-meddlesome (sort of) ready bars that shout for consideration until your crowd is compelled to take note.

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What’s more, planning them doesn’t get a lot simpler. Regardless of whether you’re a finished new kid on the block, Leadpages strolls you through the procedure bit by bit, including hues, content, and subject. You’ll have a custom alarm bar quickly.

Pat yourself on the back.

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2.3: Leadlinks – Sign up in 1 click (no extra info)

Leadlinks (email trigger connections) is a cool component that lets your possibilities pursue advancements (for instance, an online course) in 1 simple snap.

Let’s assume you’re running an online class called “how to make the ideal caviar taco.”

Regularly, you’d send a communicated email to your whole email list with an information exchange button that ship the peruser to a greeting page for that online class (likely made with Leadpages, as well).

In the event that they needed to find out additional, they’d need to click that connect and enter progressively close to home data to pursue your online course.

Not any longer…

With Leadlinks, you—or a partner working with you—embed the connection into the email, and when the possibility clicks it, they’re in a split second joined. No additional data required.

Everything they do is click the connection and they are auto-enrolled.

2.4: LeadDigits – Grow your email list via text

Leadpages’ “LeadDigits” highlight is another valuable device that encourages you connect with possibilities where they spend by far most of their time……

…their cell phones..

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 6.36.05 PM

Look at this detail from Mobilexco:

Instant messages have a 209% higher reaction rate than telephone, email, or Facebook. [1]

It bodes well however, isn’t that so? We spend our whole lives stuck to our telephones, and it’s path simpler to answer to a number with a short book as opposed to an email. LeadDigits lets you gather telephone numbers (definitely more successful than email, yet harder to get) and get email information exchanges, send coupons, or advance your business by means of content.

2.5: A/B Testing: Make calculated changes based on data

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Neo was the principal guest to ever take an A/B test

Hypothesis accomplishes nothing for you right now.

It’s insufficient to simply slap a presentation page up and trust in the best. The best way to recognize what really works is to test, test, test.

Leadpages make it simple to A/B test directly from your dashboard.

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From that point, you set the control page, make a duplicate, and actualize your changes (for instance, changing the CTA). In case you’re feeling extra playful, you can coordinate traffic. No, truly, Leadpages lets you control how much traffic goes to every variety, except this is somewhat best in class.

In any case, it’s a flawless component to have.

2.6: Integrations

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 6.56.55 PM

I simply need to make reference to rapidly how great Leadpages’ mixes are.

Very few point of arrival editors coordinate with this numerous internet based life, installment, video, and CRM programs.

You can interface it with essentially any email, online course device, installment processor, examination program, internet based life stage, or booking program you need. That is a gigantic in addition to.

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 6.57.35 PM

2.7: Customer Service – Real people answering real questions… or so they say

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 7.02.19 PM

In contrast to most organizations, Leadpages has genuine people behind those symbols and not some chatbot that is just customized to answer the main 10 FAQs.

That, and they have a tremendous library of assets or “information base” as they call it to help tackle your issues.

I’ve had only great encounters with client support. That probably won’t be a serious deal to a great many people, and it shouldn’t represent the moment of truth your choice here. In any case, trust me, when you simply need to run an A/B test and can’t make sense of how to change the textual style shading, you need a quick reaction.

Next up, a brisk “how-to” area…

I could go on the entire day about highlights, however it’s ideal to leave SOMETHING to the creative mind.

Let me give you a speedy bit by bit “how-to” simply to give you how simple the rudiments are.

Ⅲ: How to Use Leadpages

Alright, I need to tell you the best way to utilize Leadpages rapidly so you figure out it.

That way, you’ll know whether you can pull it off or not.

Stage 1) Fire up Leadpages and snap “Make New Leadpage”

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 7.11.13 PM


From your record dashboard, you can explore to the Landing Pages tab inside formats:

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Notice you can choose Drag & Drop or Standard.

Step 2) Choose a template and edit

Alright, Picasso. Now’s your time to shine. Let’s make a landing page!

Each template contains pre-built sections. This makes it insanely easy to rearrange, modify, add, or delete to your liking.

NOTE: There is a big negative to the simplicity of Leadpages’ pre-built sections that I’ll cover at the end. It’s not the end of the world, but you should know about it.

All of the content on your new landing page is held in “widgets.” Each section of content has its own widget. Basically, that means your:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Call to action
  • Images

All are held in predetermined areas. To edit, you just click on that widget.

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 7.17.23 PM

Editing Widgets

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 9.11.11 PM

If you’re using a Drag & Drop template, you can click the widgets tab on the left, then drag and drop elements onto your page for editing. Including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Countdown
  • Progress bar

But that’s not all! Leadpages gives you full control over the look and feel of your page.

Aside from adding widgets, you can edit the actual dimensions and structure of your page too.

Editing page layout

You can edit your page’s layout using the section titled—you guessed it—Page Layout.

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You can add or remove sections, rename sections, or do anything else you want with them. It’s your landing page, after all.

From there, you can get into even further detail and customize everything from colors to font sizes using the Page Styles tab.

Customizing page style

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The paintbrush below Page Layout is Page Styles. This is where you can edit:

  • Font
  • Background
  • Width
  • Custom CSS
  • Favicon

That’s pretty easy considering you just made a totally functional landing page from scratch just by clicking a few buttons.

Now, it’s time to publish your page.

Step 3) Publish your page

I recommend previewing your page before publishing. You don’t want any screw-ups going live (TRUST ME).

Just click the Preview button like so:

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From there, click Publish and you’re all set.

TIP: Always publish on your own domain

Leadpages allows you to publish to your own website or theirs (but they require you to use a subdomain, e.g. Store.Yourdomain.com). That will put people off big time. Don’t do it.

Ⅳ: Leadpages Pricing

Now for the million-dollar question.

Or, in this case, the $25 – $199/month question.

How much does Leadpages cost?

In my opinion, Leadpages is worth the price. But I won’t sugarcoat: it’s not cheap.

Leadapages’ pricing is one of the most common gripes with the tool, especially since most of the high-value features aren’t available with the Standard plan.

The price starts at $25/month (billed annually).

$300 a year doesn’t sound too bad for a tool that basically makes landing page creation a matter of a few clicks and a bit of dragging here and there.

But, once you see the details, you realize the bad news. The Standard plan doesn’t include:

  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • Leadlinks
  • LeadDigits
  • Sub accounts
  • Online sales and payments

If you want that, you have to upgrade to either:

  • Pro – $48/mo
  • Advanced – $199/mo
Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 9.36.09 PM

In any case, pause!

Everything isn’t lost. I need to make this truly clear:


On the off chance that you need a suped-up suite of promoting devices to scale your office to space, at that point better believe it Leadpages gets extremely costly.

Be that as it may, the Standard arrangement incorporates:

Boundless presentation pages

Boundless pop-ups

Boundless alarm bars

200+ layouts

Facebook and IG advertisements developer

Gathering instructing

What else do you truly require?

In case you’re a private company with the Standard arrangement, you can make a greeting page, include a spring up, include a ready flag, and make internet based life promotions.

That is bounty in the event that you ask me. Of course, you won’t get the most developed highlights, yet to be severely fair, in the event that you can’t bear the cost of $2,400 every year, at that point you likely aren’t at the level where any of that is significant.

Estimating Verdict: Yes, Leadpages is expensive in the event that you need the entirety of the juiciest highlights, yet the Standard arrangement has all that could possibly be needed to fabricate high-changing over points of arrival, and it isn’t so costly.

Ⅴ: Pros and Cons of Leadpages

I realize this was a great deal to take in, so let me outline the upsides and downsides of Leadpages here:


Ease of use: It doesn’t get any simpler than Leadpages’ drag-n-drop proofreader and instinctive gadget framework. I made some executioner greeting pages back when I had 0 piece of information what I was doing. No experience. No nothing. In a couple of snaps, you can have an expert level lander.

Highlight Rich Without Complexity: Leadpages has marvelous highlights like SMS advertising, Leadlinks, pop-ups, ready standards, inside and out examination, and social promotions, however it’s still overly simple to utilize.

Layouts: Leadpages has a format for almost every capacity and most business specialties. Simply discover a format to coordinate your objectives or quest through choices uniquely designed for your industry. Leadpages has done the entirety of the difficult work for you.

Reconciliation: Leadpages is the UN of presentation page devices. It accompanies 40+ standard reconciliations like Google Analytics, Facebook advertisements, and live talk programming.


Evaluating: It’s not modest, however it shouldn’t be. It’ll cost you $300/year least, and that is without the propelled highlights.

The drag & drop proofreader is wonky: This is the blemish that I referenced previously and you ought to be set up for it. The proofreader is incredible, however it is imperfect. A ton of the gadget limits are somewhat off, and regularly a component snaps into an inappropriate spot or doesn’t wind up precisely where you need it. Additionally, you can erase components in the event that you’d like, yet then you simply have unbalanced spaces that are difficult to fill in. I ran into certain issues with it, yet nothing that destroyed crusades for me. Simply be set up to battle a piece with the manager every once in a while.

You can’t modify standard formats: The standard layouts truly can’t be altered at all despite the fact that they guarantee they can. You’re in an ideal situation utilizing a drag-n-drop one.

Ⅶ: Verdict – Is Leadpages worth it?

As I would see it, Leadpages is 100% worth the cost. It’s the best greeting page developer accessible in 2019.

In case you’re a business that requirements to make greeting pages for lead magnets, uncommon giveaways, standard advancements, or fundamentally some other reason, Leadpages is the best decision.

You can make specific points of arrival complete with flags and pop-ups in minutes and afterward distribute them live with no coding or plan information. That will definitely expand your transformation rates. From that point, no other greeting page maker matches its all-encompassing highlights and investigation mixes.

Indeed, the supervisor has a few characteristics, and truly, the device is expensive for the propelled highlights. In any case, what do you expect for a whole suite of advertising instruments? On the off chance that it were modest, it wouldn’t be acceptable.

My recommendation: If you need extraordinary presentation pages and have the assets, pursue Leadpages’ free preliminary and you’ll have points of arrival that are change machines in a matter of moments.

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