What does it mean to be a blogger? I suppose that the main part of people who launched a blog thought about how to monetize a blog and get succeed financially in their passion for writing. Many talented writers could become successful bloggers but to reach this goal, it is not only enough to write but it is important to know how to market it online. 

What Ian Pribyl can teach you in this book?

The book of Ian Pribyl “From Nothing: Everything You Need to Profit from Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Online Business, e-Commerce and More…” offers guidance to a newly-made bloggers on how to increase traffic and not only hope for better future of your blog but how to take actions to make it happen.

Why You Should Choose This Book?

Why I have chosen this book? This book was released in 2019 and it means that most of the guidelines offered in this book can be useful now. If you choose any book about affiliate marketing which was released earlier you can face some obstacles with its no longer in use info. It is okay if you read such books because you anyway receive some basics of online marketing. But, you should understand that the Internet is something that changes continuously so it is better to choose new versions. 

There are many books out there that promise to show how to make money online. Most of them are just full of meaningless waffle to take up pages and contain very little, if any actual substance. Others are blatant upsells trying to get you to sign up to lots of useless products that make the author a big commission.

This book however is different. What Ian has done here is produce what I believe will become ‘The Bible’ for making money online. The author spent many years debunking most of the online scams out there so you know this is only going to contain ideas that actually work. There are no promises of get rich quick schemes, no photos of him in a Lamborghini or private jet. Just solid info that, if followed, is the most surefire way to profit online.

If you want to know what is really required to create an online income then buy this book.

Specifically written as an antidote to the shark-filled waters of “get rich quick” internet gurus, this is step-by-step, tried & tested guidance direct from the trenches. The priceless advice inside this book delivers exactly what it promises. PLUS the author cannot help go the extra mile (or 10) at every turn to set you up for success. Follow it to the letter and you will have a winning online business – while dodging the many tempting but costly mistakes that destroy most people’s attempts to win the freedom provided by online income. I loved it, and what is more, my website traffic and online income is climbing as a direct result of following the advice inside.

Just read some readers’ reviews:

  • “I threw out what I thought I knew and followed the principles in this book. I’m happy to report that my traffic has increased. The content that was created using the simple-to-follow instructions is bearing fruit.” – Diann C
  • “There are no promises of get rich quick schemes, no photos of him in a Lamborghini or private jet. Just solid info that, if followed, is the most surefire way to profit online.” – Michael Freeman
  • “The in-depth chapters on keyword research and tools have made a big impact on my business. Customers have told me that they want to be on page 1 of Google. A few weeks ago I hadn’t a clue how this would be possible. After reading the book not only can I see it clearly but I’m putting it into practice.” – Fanchea

What sources do you use to find out more information about blogging?

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