Why We Like Work at Home Secrets

Why We Like Work at Home Secrets

When carrying out our initial investigations into John Crestani for inclusion of his other work-at-home courses in our Trusted Directory, it was immediately clear that here was a man who practices what he teaches.

Where most work-at-home programs are at best a rehash of out of date ideas copied and pasted from one course to the next – and at worse out-and-out scams, John is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs we’ve met in the affiliate training space and produces work that he’s tested to destruction to ensure it will work in the hands of his students.

He has worked for over a decade at building a series of multi-million dollar companies across several markets, all using the online marketing and digital product creation he’s now teaching to select groups through mentorship – and to students of his Super Affiliate System.

His Work at Home Secrets book doesn’t just look at some of the worst work-at-home scams affecting America right now, but it distills key parts of the knowledge that’s in his 4 and 5 figure trainings. Knowledge that can be put to immediate use to help generate ongoing income from home.

At $1, we’d say it’s essential reading for anyone considering working online, or thinking about applying for a work-at-home “opportunity”

What’s in the Book?

At only 86 pages spread over 11 chapters, the book is concisely written and highly concentrated, yet easy to digest – something it shares with John’s other writing.

Each section features a work area to fill in with results from following John’s instruction – yes you have to actually do something to get the best from the book – but if you work through it correctly you’ll be well on your way to having a successful home business.

Chapter One is a brief introduction to John, who he is and what he does.

Chapters Two and Three examine the worst of the scams targeting people looking to earn an income from home and the secrets scammers use to get maximum money from innocent victims.

Chapter Four focuses on ways to make money at home immediately – nothing with five figures, but all useful funds for if times are tight, or to inject into your new business – because Chapter Five looks at John’s most lucrative method for earning money at home – and one upon which he’s based his entire business and training programs – that of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be started successfully with zero costs and Chapters Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten look at how best to achieve this through various social media and free websites – some of which was news to even our seasoned affiliate marketers.

Chapter Eleven closes with an invite to John’s content-heavy YouTube channel with regular videos covering all areas of affiliate marketing and an invitation to a carefully curated playlist of videos (all free).

We recommend reading the whole book through quickly to get a good grounding (it can be read within a few hours) then going back over the content, viewing the links, testing the methods John suggests and filling in progress.

Work at Home Secrets Review – Conclusion

As we said at the outset of this review, there are very few online work-at-home opportunities that come close to providing a good income.

John Crestani’s book, whilst not suggesting it will produce similar 6-figure incomes to his other courses does provide both the options and the step-by-step how-to knowledge that can get a novice from a standing start to earning affiliate commissions.

Not only can this actionable advice build the starting of an online business but John provides clear next-step solutions to further grow and scale earnings.

Our Secret Shopper, who only had the most basic computer skills and had never even heard of affiliate marketing before reading the book was able to follow the instructions, build a free website and was accepted into several affiliate programs as a paid promoter within a week. During her assessment she even managed to earn $92 in commission. In her words “If I can do it, anyone can.”

If you want to earn money from home using a tried and tested method while avoiding the scams and pitfalls, this book is for you

Order Your Copy For Only $1

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